"High Court Cravings is the bomb !! Best Coffee Ever !!!"

"All the coffee I ordered are wonderful, particularly the High Court Cravings.  Like the name suggests, I constantly crave it  Thank you.  I absolutely love your coffees.  I will definitely be ordering again." - Peggie Larsen

High Court Cravings.  "This is a very drinkable, dark-roasted coffee.  It seems to mellow a bit after the first few sips.  The ending is quite smooth, with no aftertaste.  This coffee is great by itself, but would also lend itself well to various coffee "drinks".  Service has been accurate and very prompt.  Well Done.  Nila S. Virginia

"Just wanted you to know that we love your High Court Cravings.  Thank You!" - Marcia W. - Minnesota



"The French Roast is the best I have ever tried.  I have sampled many different brands, Starbucks, Milestone, Eight O'Clock, and other specialty roasters.  Keep doing what you're doing.  The quality and value are excellent." - Timothy C. - Michigan

"Javachi, I recently received my first order of French Roast, and I'm very pleased with your customer service, shipping and especially...your coffee.  The flavor of your French Roast is perfect to my taste, whether hot and fresh brewed, or cold hours later.  There's no acrid element to the French Roast, and the smoothness is indescribable.  Love it."  Robert Armor - CA

"The French Roast is my favorite;  I love extremely dark roasts and a few other varieties to choose from in that category."  Linda S. Utah

"Your blend of French Roast is the vest I have ever had!  I have been drinking French Roast coffees for the last 10 years and yours has more flavor than any brand I have tried.  It had a rich, robust flavor that cannot be beat.  Besides the taste, the smell alone is intoxicating.  This is a must try for any coffee lover." - David Hof.. - Minnesota

"Awesome French Roast; so far we have tried only that.  Looking forward to trying the Espressos." - Barbara Arnold - Ark



"I have been looking for a coffee to replace Starbucks for about a year and half now.  Their coffee continues to seem more chemical tasting with a bitter aftertaste.  I enjoy coffee that tastes like coffee, rich, smooth and flavorful and I found it in your organic Urban Blues.  Thank you so much for finally giving me a cup of coffee I can look forward to!!!  Keep producing Urban Blues and you will have a long term customer." - Cathy G. - Michigan

"Urban Blues has just the right amount of dark roast flavor, but with smooth undertones. Love this coffee and also the French Roast."  - Ralph C. - Colorado


 "This was my first order and I was very pleased. Very happy to have found a good source for organic espresso beans. I will definitely be ordering more."  Joanne Hewitt

"I really like the Caffe Espresso that I ordered; just the right roast and no excessive oil, so my grinder and Silvia loved it. The delivery was great also. I will be ordering again when my holiday gift coffees run out - maybe before 'cause I like yours so much. Glad I ran on to your website!!" Anne Gray - Iowa

"I could not be happier. Your Caffe Espresso is, for me, perfect. I fall asleep at night thinking of the first cup in the morning. Thank You." - Matt



"Thank you very much for the excellent service and pricing! I just had my first cup of the Organic Huntera Sumatra - I don't think I have had a better Sumatra anywhere! Including Starbucks!"  Kevin H. - Ohio

"Your Organic Huntera Sumatran is FABULOUS and I will definitely be ordering more." - Leslie F. - Minn



"Very good coffee and good variety. Really like Madd City and Urban Blues. I try others at every order, but these are our favorites." Richard W - Arkansas

"The Madd City blend is wonderful. It is a fabulously smooth brew with fantastic flavor. I can't wait to try your other dark roasts. You have a permanent customer."

"Best Coffee I have ever had..period. (Madd City)"  - Rick Niddliner

"My son lives in the Cities, he recommended your wonderful coffee and gave us a gift certificate. We really enjoyed the Madd City in our first order and decided to stick with what we like, so here is another order. We appreciate the very fast service. Thanks." Marilyn Anderson

"Madd City, my favorite." - Richard S. - Dallas